I am happy to finally have an original present for my moms birthday.

Tiffany, UK

How do I buy paintings?

We all know that choosing an artwork can be difficult. Whether you are looking to decorating your home or starting a collection, by following this guide you will enjoy looking at your artwork for years to come.

1) Fall in love with it.

Look at lots of pictures. Be open to different styles. Aquarelltonia offers you a full range of mediums and styles: Landscape, Abstract, Cities and Towns, People, Still Life, Large Paintings, Drawing Artwork, Watercolor Paintings. You´ll know what you love when you see it. By the way, Aquarelltonia only sells original works of art. If you plan on starting your own personal art collection, make sure that you purchase only originals or limited-editions. These will appreciate in value over time and provide you with a solid investment.

2) Ask questions.

For many people, buying art can seem confusing. Don´t be afraid to ask the artist. Artists on Aquarelltonia are happy to talk about their work. Through Aquarelltonia, you can contact every exhibiting artist and ask questions about the artwork you are interested in.

3) Consider your budget.

Everyone can afford an original work of art. Aquarelltonia offers original paintings for less than $100.  Be sure to join our mailing list and learn about great deals every month.

4) Display and Enjoy.

Your original work of art will be an eye-catcher and a conversation starter. Make sure to frame and hang your artwork it properly.

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