I never though buying art online was this easy!

Max, Germany

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How do I buy paintings? - 10/07/2012

We all know that choosing an artwork can be difficult. Whether you are looking to decorating your home or starting a collection, by following this guide you will enjoy looking at your artwork for years to come. 1) Fall in love with it. Look at lots of pictures. Be open to different styles. Aquarelltonia offers you a full range of mediums and styles: Landscape, Abstract, ...
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Framing and Hanging artwork - 10/05/2012

Framing art: Aquarelltonia ships all artworks ready to be framed. This helps keep shipping costs low and gives you the option of selecting a frame that you like. When framing your artwork, remember that all art needs room to “breathe”. Be sure to have a matting which separates the art from the frame. An all-around padding of about 3 – 4 inches will give your favorite artwork more appeal. Hanging art: Hangin...
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